May 9, 2014

Why I Love The Doctor, by Janelle Serio

50 years of wonder

"Hello everyone and thank you all for being here today!" Said the woman at the front of the theater wearing the Tom Baker scarf and hat. She also had on high, brown leather boots over very fitted taupe- colored pants. The whole ensemble brought to mind Indiana Jones and an English riding competition all at once. She was standing at the front of Kiggins Theater in Vancouver, Washington, USA on November 23, 2013 facing a room full of 350 Whovians, seated and waiting to view the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary episode as one gigantic Whovian Fandom. The show was to be simulcast all over the world at exactly the same time. The room was quivering with anticipation and everyone was silent, wishing to savor every moment the day could bring. We all watched the Tom Bakeresque announcer.
Out coveted tickets
meant poster, mugs
and awesomeness!

The woman continued, "You could have done so many other things this morning instead of lining up this morning at 7a.m. outside of this theater. You could be home with your kids watching t.v. or attending a soccer game, or eating breakfast in your  warm home. But you didn't. You dressed up your kids and yourselves in all sorts of crazy Whovian costumes and you came here today to wait in line in the freezing cold. You chose whimsy. You chose fantasy and creativity. And we support you! This is a place you can be as crazy as you want. You can come here and feel free to fly your freak flag!" The room, full of cosplay adults and kids alike, erupted spontaneously, as if everyone was waiting to here this, into clapping and cheering and whistling.

"But why are you here?" The room collectively smiled. "You are here for the love of the doctor, who stands for so many good things in the world. The Doctor stands for anti-violence and anti-bullying. He stands for speaking up for those who cannot speak and protecting those who need protection. He stands for self-sacrifice and helping." This very moment, as the room erupted again in enthusiastic agreement, I realized why I have come to love The Doctor character so very much.

We waited outside in 27degree weather for 2 hours!
He is a super-hero for the underdogs and the bullied. For those who are taken advantage of or exploited. The Kiggins announcer was right, and I had never even seen it. I, who like so many others (probably many of whom were in that very room with me) was bullied and sometimes even terrorized as a child by others, loved this icon for so many reasons that I never even knew until that moment.  I began, surprisingly, to tear up.

These were the reasons that my knitting silently falls into my lap when the show comes on and I am not even aware that my mouth is gaping in a smile as I stare at the storylines, idle hands on my knees, my coffee getting cold next to me on the table.
Inside was a tea party, complete with cake, fruit trays
and mimosas. This lady was dressed up in steam punk
garb, but I think she looks like River Song. "Hello, Sweetie!"

The Doctor not only saves others, he empowers them. He sees the special qualities and the hidden braveries in every day people. And he might show up anywhere, anytime and in any time, to take away the next protege, the one who needs encouragement or escape or a better life. And without fail, these people--these unlikely heroes--rise to any occasion in every situation, surprising even themselves in becoming people they never knew they could be. It reminds us--or tells us for the first time--to rise, to be more, no matter what others have told us or what naysayers may say. You can always be better than your circumstances seem to allow.

Dr. Who is not the typical sci-fi show, which are often based around military themes like Battle Star, Star Trek, or Star Wars and many others. No. Dr. Who is for those who always hoped they could be more. For those who feel that they can and should be able to contribute something to the common good, and it makes it all seem so possible.
My first real try at color work. I was motivated.

And you never know. He might be coming for you.

Tons of families were there, decked out
in costumes. The Girl Who Waited,
 Amy Pond, is standing with the suitcase.

My daughter Annie and friend Iris both are David Tennant!


I took a pic of this man in the dark theater! He won for best costume.
He told me his wife crocheted his "Ood" costume. Now that's love!

This line wrapped around the block

I knitted myself a Tam of Rassilon, free pattern found on Ravelry. The seal of Rasillon is a Gallifreyan
government seal and can be seen on the clothes of some of the characters in the war room scenes. Rassilon is
played by Timothy Dalton, former 007.

If you don't know what "Bad Wolf" means, I can't help you. Watch the show. Then you won't miss "Bad Wolf Day."

Me and Tina (Dr Who BUD!!) are fanatics for sure. I love my Van Gogh
Skirt and top!

Fez's are a Dr Who fav.

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