January 29, 2015

Wedding Dress Proposal

After  Christmas hiatus, I am "back," so to speak and ready to blog! News? Lots of it. Though, for proper anticipation, I will eek it out just bit by bit.

First, I am home right now due to a lovely sinus infection + bronchitis thing, and have been alllllll week. I have been suffering from a fab migraine and, since I can barely stand to look at light, (plus all the body aches and stuff that go along with all this...) I have been home from work all week, too. Great on a normal day, but it totally sucks when all you can do is lay on the couch in a state that feels like you are only a slightly smaller version of Jabba the Hutt, staring into a dimmed room. Your head feels huge and you feel like if you open your eyes, the lights will positively melt them....yeah, I added a Raider's reference just there, too. Whaddya want? I am just coming off of a pseudo-near-death experience. Surely my brain is addled. That's when I revert to memories of high
A fun time had by all
school and beyond. Sort of like a dry run of allowing your life to flash before your eyes, except in this version, I get to pick only my favorite pop-culture stuff.

I am certain there is some Mony Python or Princess Bride coming up.....

Anyway, news news news!  My oldest daughter, Jolene, and her lovely guy Andrew got engaged! It was on Halloween proper, too! That is her fav time of year and fav holiday, so Andrew had made plans to wow her on her special fav day in a pumpkin patch. But you know, best laid plans and all that? Well, as they drove down here to Vancouver from Seattle for some Halloween fun (and some of mom's free food) with my 5-year-old and 14-year-old, Andrew "suddenly" decided that they should stop at a local pumpkin patch for a little fun. Jo started freaking out that they were already late, etc, and they got into a little argument about it. But, Andrew insisted (and was driving) so they did stop and all was well in the end. Of course.

We had a great Halloween night and I got some fabulous pictures.

We knew about the impending proposal for a month or more, so I had time to think about what I would like to do for the bride and groom. So Jo and I got to talking over the weekend following Halloween and the subject of her dress came up. I said, "I'd like to make it for you." Then I said, "I could knit it or sew it...."

Our Halloween was like everyone else's.
Jo's eyes lit up. "MOM! KNIT IT!!" She said it as though that very idea had never occurred to her. Like no one in the history of the world had done such a thing. Plus, it is our special thing we do together, knitting is. I sort of cringed back a little, "Are you sure you don't want me to sew it?" I was thinking of time and experience. I even thought I could enlist the aid of my grandmother's memory to make the sewing just perfect.

"No, MOM! Knitting is our THING!"

There you have it. I am doomed. er....blessed beyond belief.

I wonder if this is Jo's version of a "holocaust cloak?"