May 14, 2014

Speaking of a Steep Learning Curve....

Miss Rose in her Katren. One sleeve to go.
I have most certainly bit off more than I can chew for this next couple of weeks.

I also believe myself to be completely addicted to test knitting for other designers.

This past week, I was cruising along on a test knit for a talented gal from Australia, Whirlsie. I was having a fabulous time with her emerging pattern, Katren, which I am knitting for Amy Rose. It is a shrug style cardigan with cabled hearts down the sleeves. It's cute, not too hard and a perfect way for someone wanting to try out cables beyond just crossing a couple of stitches every once in a while in a straight line. Okay, this pattern also crosses a couple of stitches every once in a while, but they make a picture, which I think is pretty cool.

The yarn I am using for the sweater is Debbie Bliss Eco Baby in a very pale, dusty pink. I think it is working out to look sort of shabby chic and old fashioned at the same time. I think a photo shoot with ballet slippers and a wood floor will be in order tomorrow night, which is when I think this one will be blocked and dried, provided I can finish today.

Sometimes it is good to push yourself to do more than you think you can and I may have done just that. My friend, Gabrielle, the neverbeforeseen designer friend to my extreme NE in Montreal,
came out with a couple of patterns while I was working on Katren. The first one came out, and I thought, hey, I'm getting a bit faster....I can do one more. I felt really cool like maybe I could be like some of those speed knitters on Ravelry, whipping up socks in a day...or less. There was light at the end of my tunnel.

The second Gabrielle pattern came out and I loved it so much better than the first one. I just had to have it for Miss Rose. Just HAD to!! I won't spoil the surprise and give you details about those last two...also if I tell you I won't have another blog post for a couple of days. (There. The honesty just feels better.)

So I committed to doing both of Gabrielle's patterns, which have the same deadline: May 24th.

Today, on my day off, you might say why are you blogging about it instead of knitting?!

Call me a glutton for punishment. And anyway, I don't want one knitting project, I want all of them. (...she whined like Veruca Salt...)

Wish me luck. Or secretly shake your head at my ridiculousness. It's okay. I can handle that too. I think.


Heidi Babi said...

I love this one, Janelle! And we all suffer from the "I want them all" syndrome. :) I think we should start a support group.

Janelle Serio said...

Thanks, Heidi :) And I love the support group idea....we could all enable each other. Wait...that is what you meant, right? haha!