May 4, 2014

RUST complete!

I have completed my test knit for RUST by Gabrielle Danskknit. It was a surprisingly quick to knit pattern with interesting and simple changes in the fabric as you go along, such as color changes and eyelets. It only took a total of 170.30 yards and/or 104grams of worsted and heavy worsted weight yarn to complete the single loop cowl.

I was using what I had on hand (at first--who doesn't end up using a test as an excuse to hit the LYS?) and thought it might be cool to use some different textures. I started out with a base of Knit Picks City Tweed in Habanero, heavy worsted weight. Then, I decided to pull out the fleck colors in the tweed besides the main rust color: black, cream and brown.

For that, I added Lamb's Pride Worsted Weight yarn in Oatmeal and Wild Oak and Lamb's Pride Bulky Weight in Onyx for the center piece.

The piece is designed symmetrically in stitch count from top to bottom, with evenly spaced eyelet rounds and a central garter stitch band, so I did the same with the colors.

I am modeling it with my Fuego hat (new) and my 1980's Stratojac Coat (Old....Goodwill but vintage find!!).

I would recommend this pattern to newish knitters who are looking to learn knitting in the round and/or some yarn overs/eyelets. It is VERY fast to knit. All of us testers were surprised, and at only 3 stitches to the inch if you use the right yarn (mine was smaller at 3.5 st/inch), you can be even faster than I was.

It is not "live" yet, but should be for sale soon in Gabrielle's Ravelry shop.

Happiest of knitting to you all! :)

(Does anyone else notice how we all say that? 'Happy knitting?" It's like the knitter's version of the Vulcan salute: "Live Long and Prosper." Just sayin....)

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