April 25, 2011

Some of my own published poems

How about a few of my own published works (don't get excited...they were very small publishings!) for the final week of National Poetry Month?

Here are a couple that may be appropriate for spring. What do they have to do with knitting? Nothing at all.

The Lilies

Consider the lilies of the field
Their reincarnation is sure
New every Spring
Without blemish
Or spot.
Green anew
Innocent faces
With ageless wisdom


I searched for myself
Foundations of sand
Foundations of stone
My own revelation
My genesis, my requiem

The fresh sunrise against
A bright turquoise sky
Morning's cool, chilled air
Distilled purity

Sultry afternoon heat and
The breeze that lessened it
Fly-beating horses' tails
Dusty, trodden paths, well known

Glistening bubbling pools of
Intense steaming water
Alongside joyful cathartic geysers and
Still, silent icy lakes, staring, concealing

Prairie dogs romp without care
Through grassy  dandelion fields
They know their lot
Where is my substance?

Pink and orange evening skies
On fire with their reality
Sparkling nighttime eyes
Still, cold, staring--
Embedded 'round a full, wise moon

I still watch
Unmoved, I wait
For a glimpse
Of myself


We focus pure,
In black and white,
Our filter never fails--
And you will see--
Our cure for curiosity--
Our Lens is clear
Don't blur our view--
The grey
Need not apply

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