April 5, 2011

New! Now anyone can comment!

You no longer have to be a "member."   My apologies for this--it was me, not you. I had to make a setting change!  Please comment away!

The Knitting Muse, making absurd comments in inappropriate settings since God knows when

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! I can finally "talk"!!!! First off, I'm Janelle's mom-in-law but in no way does that influence my comments!!! No, seriously, it doesn't!!

You should try to get on AMNW, ch 2 at 9am each week day with your story about knitting in the work place. I'm sure you would be scheduled a slot on the show....you could bring a couple staff gals with you and your knitting projects and perhaps challenge other work places to do the same!

Keep up your fantastic Blog .... I love it Janelle! (Marilyn Serio)