January 29, 2017

Where's that Wedding Dress?

Jo and Andrew on their wedding day.
Jo is wearing her  lovely Nordstrom dress and the
antique necklace, given to her by
Andrew's grandmother
Some of you may be wondering: What the heck are these posts about a craft room remodel? I thought you were making your daughter a wedding dress? Remember? Knitting it? Last year?!

Well, in the words of Miss Elizabeth Bennet, "Things took a little turn...." and while Jo and Andrew still did get married (unlike Lizzie and Mr. Collins), there was little -- a very little -- extra something that came up early on in the wedding discussions.

Jo and I went back and forth on the wedding dress. She declared that her figure was changing every day and she didn't think she'd be able to wear the knitted dress. I found another dress pattern -- one that could be sewn instead of knitted -- for the sake of speed, and the style even had a charming history of being made famous by Josephine Bonaparte during the Regency Era, which was, of course, Jane Austen's time. Rumor has it that Empress Bonaparte created the empire waist style to hide a pregnant figure; and it became all the rage.
The pattern! I may make myself one of these!

Jo does want me to knit the rest of the dress. She and Andrew are planning a future renewal ceremony and she says she will wear it then.

In the meantime -- and for practicality -- Jo purchased a dress at Nordstrom (actually two dresses, in case the first one didn't fit by the wedding, then the second one would stand in!). In the picture above, she is also wearing an antique necklace that belongs to Andrew's grandmother. (And isn't Andrew handsome?)

They are now cozily situated in their first home in the Seattle, Washington area and loving being parents! And I am loving being a grandma. Who can argue with this little face?

Baby Ethan is sporting a
Gabrielle Danskknit design, test knitted by me,
just for him.

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