January 28, 2017

Tiny Pails!

Now, many months later!

These pails on the the craft room wall were a Pinterest find (You can find my own Craft Room Remodel board here). In fact, I will be posting my projects to Pinterest when I am done with these DIY posts, just to add to the plethora of similar projects already posted there. 

For the pails, I used "50 Clever Craft Room Organizatoin Ideas," found on the DIYJOY website, found on Pinterest. It turned out to be a jumping off point, really. On one of our multiple trips to IKEA (As many of you are painfully aware, you are obligated to make multiple trips when you are building a lot of IKEA furniture, whether you want to or not; turns out there are often missing parts in the furniture kits. IKEA even has a department for missing parts!! I think it's a ploy to get you back -- and back -- into the store!) we noticed the SOCKER "plantpots" for .99.  These were a lot like the pails I had seen on the DIYJOY site and thought these were a steal! We then set out to find a rail and something to hang the pails on, so they could be filled with adorable crafty items! 

After spending quite a bit already, we were feeling pretty cheap at that point in our week-long craft room remodel. Some of the rails and hook systems, when added up, were a bit much, we thought. We walked around more and wandered into the kitchen section where there are a lot of little things in bins, maybe not even on the website, as is the case with our rail. I cannot find it on IKEA's site, but they were only $2.50/rail. Not kidding! So, we purchased 2 rails, a package of S-hooks (again, these were kitchen area finds and not found on the site! They were $2.50 for a set of 10!) and 8 SOCKER plant pots at .99/pail for a grand total of $15.42. I thought that was a pretty good deal. 

It pays to wander around. 

I still didn't have a way to hang my pots onto the S-hooks. I thought about drilling a hole in each pot, but then decided against that. I don't have the right tools for the job. Instead, I chose to use some scrap yarns in bright colors to wrap the tops of each pail. Can't lose, I figured! If it doesn't work, I can go back to IKEA and buy the specialized hook things for the pots, like these or these! My yarn wraps are secured with a simple knot. Then, I inserted an S-hook into one strand of the yarn, pulling it out a bit. It was a little tricky to make sure they looked even on the rails, but I like how they turned out. 

Scrap yarn and pails

Putting S-hooks into a single strand of yarn

Find stuff to put in your pots!

We realized after hanging these that the pails were right on the freshly painted wall! In order to keep the pails from scratching my new paint, I cut out little wedges from some of the felt circles that came with the IKEA furniture (we didn't need them as we put all the furniture on carpet) and stuck them to the bottom edge of the pails.

And there you go! Hanging pails -- with no plants in them! I love these little guys so much that I bought 7 extra ones to organize tiny things when making projects! I keep my swatches in them. They double as coasters for hot coffee mugs in the craft room!

A friend of mine picked up these old spindles from Pendleton Woolen Mills in Milwaukie, Oregon as a suprise! I love
their antique feel! And the painting on wood was done by my daughter, Annie, who took an art class last summer from our
good friends Curtis and Michelle. Curtis' own art can be seen here and here! If you are local, check him out in
Portland, Oregon!

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