April 27, 2014

Third Annual Homesteading Fair in Lyle, Washington....yes it has been THAT long since I last posted....

Hello again!

I, like so many other bloggers, have been quite remiss in my posting frequency.  I will not say that I am making a New Year's resolution to remedy this ( I also get out of that since it's April and nearly, really, May, right?) but I do have a recently created "to do" list for the blog down on actual paper (does anybody use that stuff anymore? I love it....am I the last one?) in pencil (so as to account for changes) and have the best of intentions to provide you, the reader (and I realize there really may be only, literally one reader...I am okay with that) with hours and hours of upcoming semi-riveting reading and amusement.

And no, I have not--for a single moment--stopped knitting, sewing, cooking and otherwise crafting for one second. I do love it all so :)

Since I last visited you, I had completed my first for sale pattern, which I developed for a class I was asked to teach last fall in Lyle, Washington at the Homesteading Fair. Well, they have called upon me again for this upcoming September and I have been thinking about what to teach this time.

Last year, I taught an all day class on toe-up socks which was fun and informative for me as well as I hope it was for the participants.

This year, I am thinking of something a little less difficult skill-wise, but still at a sort of intermediate level. I am thinking right now of teaching how to knit a hat with simple stranded color work on bulky weight yarn. After all, most knitters have at least tried knitting a hat and, with Christmas not all that distant following the fair, it might be nice for people to have a quick pattern with a new twist (the colorwork) to make simple, fun and what will be well loved gifts.

I will keep you informed as this notion develops!

Anyone interested in the fair here in Washington State can follow their blog here, or their facebook page here. Anyone interested in finding out what homesteading is, can google it or start here. You will be surprised at what you find!

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