April 11, 2012

Beadboard Beach Socks--entry complete!

This afternoon, while sitting in Starbucks, I finished my socks for the Martha Stewart Challenge. Of course, it is my day off, so I had Amy Rose with me and loads of distraction, corraling her and keeping her from breaking things, bumping into people and spilling coffee all over the place. (Other peoples', not hers!)

I came straight home and recruited my husband and son to take some pics for the submission as the sun is so nice on the back of our house at the end of the day. We set up a little photo shoot by the patio door and voila! I am happy. I am also happy that the socks fit into my Danskos. : ) 

I plan on wearing these socks a lot! I even have an itching to make another pair--they are very fast to make, considering that I am not exactly known for my "speed" knitting and I made 2 pairs in 2.5 weeks.

If they do not win in the contest, I will be putting together a pattern, as I kept good notes while knitting.

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