April 17, 2012

10 signs you might have a yarn buying problem

10. Your teenage son comes to you sporting hair on his upper lip and says, "Mom! Check out my stash!" And you reply, "Oh, son! You've started knitting!"

9. You start taking even you favorite clothes to the Goodwill donation center to make more room in your closet for yarn. And you don't miss them.

8. You know the store hours for every LYS in town.

7. You know the store managers' names for every LYS in town.

6. You take the LYS managers out to dinner just to pick their brains about their stores' freight schedules. And to fish for a discount. (You paid and left a big tip, right?)

5. Your favorite bumper sticker is the one you bought for yourself that says, "A real friend distracts your husband while you hide your yarn." And you don't think too hard about the possible implications of that statement.

4. Your family stages an intervention for your yarn buying addiciton.  You knit--while simultaneously shopping for yarn on your Ipad--during the whole meeting, only occasionally mumbling slightly coherent reposnses to their pleas for your health and well-being.

3. You use to have cute little wicker baskets displayed in a cozy corner of your family room to contain your yarn. Now, you have a room full (or several rooms full) of plastic tubs that you shove new purchases into, then jump on the contents of said tubs to compact it and, finally, sit (perhaps with a friend or two) on the lid to snap it shut. And it pops back open the minute you all stand up.

2. You forgo Christmas shopping on Black Friday to instead shop at your favorite LYS's. And yarn's not on sale.

1. The producers of "Hoarders" show up at your house unannounced. And ready to film.

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