January 5, 2012


When I began this blog nearly a year ago, I knew there would be things I did not understand. Let's face it: my last computer science class was at McLoughlin public middle school, 7th grade, 1980 with Mr. Perkins, who was famous for saying, "Be alert! Lerts are popular."

I never thought I would be on a computer as much as I am in recent memory, but since they have invaded our spaces, personal and private, as though we all lived in a real-life Isaac Asimov story, we must all learn to deal with them in big or small ways.

Until the robots take over our world, we are left to manage them and mine has gone awry.

It came to my attention a few days, no weeks, ago that my email was not receiving my blog entries. I suscribed to my own feed thinking that I could keep an eye on things. I did a rotten job.

Being a neophyte to blogging, I failed to recognize that if the feed does not go to MY email, then it is going to no one else's either. Instead, I just went, "Wow! Something must be wrong with my email." And I didn't even attempt to trouble shoot that, either.

Today, I asked a friend if she was receiving emails from Through the Knitting Lens and she said, "No. but it's ok. I just catch up on Facebook."

I came home from work and immediately got online. It turns out that the feed can get too big. So every entry from the last year, apparently, was being stored in the feed!

I hope it is fixed, now, and I apologize for any irritation and/or inconvenience!!

Kermit was right: It's not easy being green.

Thanks for reading!


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