January 7, 2012

Camille's Birthday Scarf

This is me, imagining I am keeping
this scarf. Guess it's back to the
 My good friend had a birthday this past New Year's Eve.  She is a sweet lady--the sort who, at work, might pass you in the hall and say, "Hey, want me to get you a coffee?" as she leaves for a quick errand. Then she would return with it and say, "It's on me."

In fact, Camille and I have been working together for 3 years. I started at our dental office right out of college and she has been a great help and encouragement to me. Her long, loud joyful laughter can be heard throughout our place of work...and she is the only one I can easily share an off color joke with. Without words. I am glad she is my friend.

For her special day this year, I knitted her Joelle Hoverson's "Big Lace Scarf." Camille is the sort of girl who loves cute glam stuff and adores accessories: she has more Brighton, Silpada and Stella and Dot Jewelry than anyone I know. She even has an Ebay account to help "rotate it." And to soften the Cleopatra-esque bling, she loves to wear scarves.

This scarf is knitted in Lion's Brand Hometown yarn, extra bulky weight, and is bright turquoise so it will show off any gold or silver jewelry she is wearing. I added some embellishment, too, or it just wouldn't be glam enough.

I used Interweave Knits Edgings stitch dictionary for a few of the knitted flowers on the scarf and another stitch dictionary of crochet stitches for the rest.

I used a double crochet to "wagon wheel" the center of those flowers, and chained up 4 for the next round, using double crochet again. For the petals on the final round, I chained up 4 more, made a bobble, chained 4 more and finally secured each petal in the next stitch, beginning each consecutive petal in the same spot. Those flowers are the larger pink and green ones on the corners in the pics.

For a final touch, I used some of my grandmothers vintage buttons--VERY heavy compared to today's--which I have had in storage for about 25 years, now.

What better use?

Happy Birthday, Camille!

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