May 11, 2011

My Journey Into Sock Design. Hopefully

I made the bold move (hopefully not a stupid one) in signing up for 2 design classes at Sock Summit this year. The first class, an all day affair given by Anne Hanson, is described as a "complete" sock design class and says things in synopsis like "students must enjoy math," and has lots of homework like making several swatches of fabric in advance to bring to class. The second class, a half day class with my Portland Idol Chrissy Gardener is on designing with variegated yarn. I thought this might be a nice follow up to the previous one.

Upon pouring over my stitch dictionaries and sock books, I am wondering if I was thinking clearly when I signed up for those classes. Hmmmm....the first class requires that the participants be very experienced in sock making. I have made several socks, but few out of the norm. Basics, cables, stripes, two types of eyelets, toe up and top down, but none with special heels (just short row) or toes--no star toes, here, and no fancy designs.

This means that I have done what I always do: I bit off a lot to chew. Is it too much? I am not willing to say that.

I really want to press on, so, in order to do this, I plan to remain optimistic. I plan to plan, and to learn.

For the next three months leading up to the event and the looming classes, I plan to use part of my blogtime to journal my learning--or mind-losing--however it manifests. 

I want to make 6-8 pairs of adult socks (I want to replace my store bought ones, anyway), I want to use several types of heels and toes and make some with lacey, more challening designs.

To this end, I have purchased and downloaded "Rivendell" by Janel Laidman (seems appropriate since we are both called "janelle," and I love The Lord of the Rings...I even own an Arwen amulet...) and "Autumn in Oregon" by Chrissy Gardener. Chrissy's pattern is top down, and I also own the toe-up version based on the Autumn design, "Springtime in Oregon." The last two I intend to compare and contrast while working them.

I will begin with these three patterns and move on from there. I already have the yarn stashed in a large, square clear Rubbermaid container in my closet, calling my name.

I guess my first order of business--the "prequel" to the sock journey--will be to finish the pair of basic ones on my needles and get on with it!

Finishing up the second one! Here we go!

 Saying good bye to basics, and hello to more challenging things...I might need this. Good thing I have one.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I live on the East Coast and sadly there is no way I can ever go to Sock Summit unless it comes here some I'm depending on you for lots and lots of blogging! : ) thx, keep up the great work, can't wait to hear about these classes. -- Louise

The Knitting Muse said...

Louise, I will do my best! : ) I take lots of pictures, too, while we are there. It is very fortunate for us to have such an event here--wonder if someday they would move it around at all like the World's Fair.