May 5, 2011

Coming up for your weekend coffee: "36 Hour Days"

New blog story, "36 Hour Days: One Woman's Rage Against Time"

What does a woman have to do to make her husband understand that a 24 day is just an illusion created by social contruction and that she can help him see past the facade?  Find out Saturday morning!

In other news, Sock Summit registration opened yesterday!!!! WOO HOO!!  At 12noon PDT, classes were opened and the stampede started! When I checked classes last night, there were still several options as they have added so many this year and were prepared for the onslaught of participants. I will be attending an all day class on Saturday and half a day on Sunday afternoon. One given by Anne Hanson on designing socks (you all will be the first recipients of my first design! Make it if you dare!!!) and the other given by Chrissy Gardener.

Which brings me to this: tomorrow is our drawing for the lucky winner of the book and yarn! I have 17 entries, which makes pretty good odds! Check here to see if you are the recipient of our fabulous prize tomorrow morning!

Thank you to all who participated in our promotion. I've been doing the blog for a little over a month now and have been very pleased with the very nice folks I have met because of it. Thanks for all the kind emails and notes on Facebook and Ravelry. They were unexpected!

On that note, please feel free in the future to give me ideas for stories in the comments sections, let me know what you would like to read! I will do my best to please everyone. That always works out, right?

Give us a peek tomorrow!



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