June 1, 2014

The End of the Year and Three Teacher's Gifts

Annie and I were working on a photo project for school here
for Mrs. Harris. She painted herself .
The end of the school year brings many things. Summer is heading our way, vacations are on the horizon (more camping, please) and the kids are getting out of school.

Two of my daughters have scholastic milestones this year. Amy Rose is heading from pre-school to kindergarten. (She told me yesterday, in her best instructional voice, "...that's what graduation means, mom. It means you are going to kindergarten.") And Annie is leaving junior high behind and entering high school.

Annie's entrance to high school is extra special for us as she has been accepted to the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics for high school. To this end, she has had some very special, influential teachers that I feel have helped her get there. So, naturally, I want to do something for them.

I don't ordinarily make the kids' teachers knitted gifts as there are too many kids and, especially once
they enter junior high and high school, there are also too many teachers. But this time--and for these teachers--I want to make personalized hand knitted gifts to let them know how special they have been for my daughter.
On the blocks 

First, Mrs. Harris, the avant-garde art teacher with a new flair for vintage style. She is an original, seemingly placed here out of time. She is a professional artist in addition to being a teacher and she loves the kids, supports their art and tells it like it is. No word mincing and no holds barred. Lucky them. I love her--and not just because we share the ginger thing.

For her, I have selected the "Movie Star Scarf" from Joelle Hoverson's More Last Minute Knitted Gifts (pg 33, if you're interested). I used a red-orange shade of Ella Rae's Lace merino wool, made in Italy, of course. It has a spring to it, and will hold it's shape very well for a long time. It's blocking right now, or as I like to say, it's "on the blocks." (My husband is a car guy if you're wondering where that one came from)

Next, I want to make a necktie for Mr. Davis, the english teacher. He is one of those gifted teachers
Not Andrew's Best picture--he's really a cutie! And just to clarify:
He is the boyfriend of my 25 year old daughter! 
who can tease, smile and really challenge the kids all at once. He is the teacher you look back on again and again when you want to remind yourself that you can face the next challenge ahead of you. He has also been secretly battling cancer. We don't know what type as he didn't want the kids to know, but when someone misses school for large blocks at a time, people start to talk.

These hats were made (I only pictured one
of two) using the Star Wars Charts on
I don't want to focus on his illness for his gift, but he does happen to be a lover of Star Wars and a quirky fellow who would probably wear a hat like the ones I made for my husband and my daughter's boyfriend last Christmas. I think that'll do very nicely.

Lastly, there is Mr. Greco. He is a friendly, younger more "mainstream" sort of fellow who loves running and has a young family at home. He is a great encouragement to the kids on how to best use technology in new and upcoming ways. He has the kids do a lot of assignments as videos on their iPads, for example, which the school provides. For him, I think a running hat in his favorite sports team or college colors will be a good gift.

I am waiting to hear back from him on that. I sent him a random email yesterday that said, "What is your favorite sports team? Where did you go to college? What is your favorite color?"

And no, fellow Monty Python lovers, I am not going to throw him off the bridge of death.

It's just knitting.

Pics to come!

Annie has been practicing her photography on me, too. I cut my hair, we took
pics. I think it makes all my hats look better, but now I have to straighten it. : p

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