March 15, 2012

Why "The Knitting Muse?" An Essay.

Let's start our year end celebration with a question: what the heck is "The Knitting Muse" supposed to be, anyway?

In a blog that I know is filled with stories, pseudo-reports on local events, and sprinkled with real knitting and thoughts for my personal future regarding knitting, it is probably challenging sometimes to discern what I mean for this blog to be.  So let's shed some light on my goals for this blog.

Here is one thing I cannot do: Be another Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  While I do love writing and knitting, I am sub-par in this category. My best writing "talent" is probably the same one I have in life: I can turn a conversation about any subject into one about myself. This sometimes creates a sort of weird, Janelle-might-really-think-she-is-the-center-of-the-universe vibe. While I am really attempting to relate to the outside world with personal anecdotes, I don't know if it hits the mark, and I am not exactly ready for prime time.

And even if I master the writing end, I will probably never have the chops to match the Y.H. when it comes to breakneck speed knitting with accuracy that could be likened to that which was required for Robin Hood's arrow to split another arrow down the center at target practice. Even knitting for the rest of my life (which I fully intend to do) will never get me there--some have "it" and some don't.

And let's face it: no one wants a poor imitation of anything. And I hope The Knitting Muse is never that.

When I decided on the title of the blog, it was for several reasons.

First, The Muses are the mythological ladies that, according to ancient Greece, inspire art and literature, among other things. Let me say here that I was not trying to say in the title of the blog that I alone posess a special connection with these creatures of old. Neither do I mean to imply that I am like them, inspiring others in some ethereal, lofty way in their knitterly journeys. Let's face it, I am more like an Imp than a Muse--I am more likely to create mischief and chaos than inspiration.  And while we're being honest, I will admit that my impishness can even become harpi-like at times, especially on Saturday mornings--pre-coffee--that follow full work weeks.

But before this conversation becomes hopelessly dark, let's take a little turn.

The Knitting Muse, while I hope is at least mildly entertaining to people, is a place to talk about knitting. To muse about knitting and life from a knitter's perspective. I love recounting my journey--and sometimes the journeys of others--into this wonderful world that I have now been venturing ever-farther into for three and a half years, now.

Finally, if there is any inspiration to be had in this blog, I hope it for those who struggle--for new knitters and those considering the lifestyle. (I say lifestyle because, for most of us, knitting consumes our thoughts, and is impossible to call knitting a mere "hobby") It is an important skill to be able to struggle and make it through an endeavor. With each new effort, there should be a renewed faith--an increased confidence--that the struggle will almost always be worth it when learning something new. This is something that can both endured and enjoyed time and again in knitting as we weave our way through the miriad of seemingly endless skill possibilities.

And how do we endure to get to the end? We laugh at ourselves along the way, knowing that there are oh, so many of us persevering through the same trials. That is how life works, right? Support from others, commiseration in the good and the bad, and sharing joy that comes with each triumph.

As I said earlier, I will never be Ms. McPhee, nor will I ever aspire to the status of someone like Elizabeth Zimmerman. No, I will be small. And quiet. I cannot ever be The Opinionated Knitter...

maybe I can just be the optimistic one.

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