August 24, 2011

The Harry Potter Saga Continues...

My favorite part of the sock--and the most fun to knit. It could be rolled
down if one wanted to put several rows of garter stitch before beginning the
I have slaved away at this new sock design for two weeks too long, now. It has become something I think, eat, sleep, and dream about.

It was not supposed to be as hard as I have made it, but that's how I seem to do everything, so maybe the process cannot be helped.  And hopefully the work is paying off.

I have a few preview pictures of the first completed sock, so any feedback will be helpful.

This toe-up pattern consists of a front and back matching pattern with a ribbed separation between the F/B pattern and the sides, which are zigzags.

The crowning piece of this sock is the top, meant to resemble a castle turret, not unlike one that may be found at Howwart's. It is knitted continously with the leg of the sock at the end.

There will be a few charts for this sock. Here is one rough draft:

If you can figure this out, go ahead and knit away. I won't chase you : ) The complete pattern will be out as soon as possible on Ravelry, along with a pdf for the Fountains of Portland pattern. (No, I haven't forgotten that one)

As for my "We're Still Wild About Harry" sock, here are a few pics of the roughly finished product.

Lightning Bolt motif runs down the front
and back of the sock

 Happiest of knitting to you all. Wish sometimes I could do it like Mrs. Weasley. On with the rest!

2 comments: said...

So pretty. You are a thoughtful, clever designer. Best wishes for your continued designing efforts. I am re-reading Book 7, Deathly Hallows, that I skimmed in haste when I first read it. Saw the movie a few weeks ago. Your socks really do capture the mood and places. You rock!

Beth in Idaho

The Knitting Muse said...

Wow! Thanks for the kinds words : ) I was really trying to strike the "mood" and I am glad you feel that I did! HP is such a great story and I am sure it will be a classic for kids AND adults for many many years to come.