July 23, 2011

Why Summer in the Northwest is Awesome

Roses in my own yard
Portland. The City of Roses. Among other names like Bridgetown, this name stands out for me above all. It represents our eternal "springlikeness" here west of the Cascade Mountains. We have a rainy climate, to be sure, but it's worth every drop. Here, when the sun shines, the humidity is low, the air smells clean and the flowers and trees are unbelievable against the blue skies.

For those of you who have never been here and are coming to attend Sock Summit next weekend, I just wanted to give you a tidbit of the treat you are in for.

I was downtown today doing a "photo shoot" for my husband, whose car was involved in an event at the Portland Art Museum, and I was really struck (as I so often am in summer) by the lovliness of our city and surroundings. Maybe I'm just feeling sentimental due to an "urgent" gall bladder removal I had to have last week, but I thought I'd share some photos and thoughts with you all.

Cars in the Park this weekend at the Art Museum

If you get a chance, head to the Park Blocks near the Multnomah County Library and the Portland Art Museum. There are, of course, lots of places to eat, but also huge, old trees towering over park benches, just perfect for shady knitting time. Sun more your style? Head to the Salmon Street Springs fountain on the waterfront where there are also many seats, all for knitting, of course!

There is also a GIANT rose garden in Washington Park--more seats, of course--with a fabulous view of Mt. Hood, which looks over Portland. Love gardens? There's another one: The Chinese Gardens on 3rd and Everett. And the Saturday Market will be going on all weekend during Sock Summit where there will be TONS of food and artsy fartsy stuff for sale. Henna tatoo, anyone?

We have lakes, mountains, rivers, the beach....even a shipwreck, if one is willing to drive an hour or two.

The Wreck of the Peter Iredale at Fort Stevens

Wherever you go, I think you'll find a hospitable environment where people are happy to return a greeting on the street or give you directions. All pretty cozy and all of it in an atmosphere that often feels like a garden.

My fav flower bed on my side yard
I hope to meet some of you next weekend and visit. I am also willing to help anyone needing advice, if I can, too. We love our city, and I know you all will, too.

Incidentally, I drove past the Oregon Convention Center today and the Sock Summit banners are already up. Under the huge logo, they say, "Honk if you knit socks."

And the mayor, Sam Adams, declared July 25-31 Sock Knitting Week, see the Sock Summit website for that, it's pretty awesome.

Get ready for some fun!


Mokihana said...

Great post extolling our wonderful area! And it's all true!!

The Knitting Muse said...

So with you, my friend. Now, if only the weather will cooperate next weekend!!!